Insect Screens


  • For your double car garage or your garage opening measuring 11'-24' wide and less than 13' tall
  • Mounted on the outside of your garage door

Solar Sceens

Exterior Retractable Solar Screens are a perfect solution for those areas of the home that have an extreme exposure to direct sunlight. Unlike interior window treatments, which block the view and only shade you from direct sunlight, Solar Screens block out the sun before it comes in contact with the window because they are mounted on the exterior of the building. As an alternative you have the Interior Solar Screens with a very nice selection of interior fabrics

Solar Screens effectively block 90-95% of solar heat gain and 85-90% of UV radiation. It dramatically reduces the cooling costs of the homeand protects the furniture, rugs, draperies and other items from fading. Unlike blinds, it allows a view to the outside.


Retractable Solar Screens are...

  • Custome made to your application.
  • Coveniently operated from the inside.
  • Can be manually operated or motorized.
  • Come in a variety of colors.


Our Solar Screens are manufactured of a fiberglass/PVC blend which gives it strenth and longevity. It allows a view to the outside while blocking the view from the outside. Since they are retractable. you can roll them down when you need them and back up into their own housing above the opening. No other product gives you these benefits.



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