Entrance Doors by Groke


The SOMMER/ Groke Entrance Door is, without doubt, a luxury product and the best aluminum, highly insulated, high security door on the market. 

If you are looking for a door that is going to truly enhance your property, while maintaining a super high level of security, and offering the highest level of energy efficiency, then Groke doors are for you. 
Groke doors are made from an insulated aluminum profile which creates an extremely strong and ridged frame, insulating you from the elements. 
Groke has over 100 years of experience in metal work. This rich heritage of quality and craftsmanship, combined with today's latest technology, is what creates a truly innovative and unique entryway for your home or building.  
  • All Groke doors are custom made for your application and available in almost unlimited design options.  
  • Groke doors can be ordered in any custom color. All Groke doors come standard with highly durable powder coated finish
  • Groke doors are available with 2 frame styles, Symponie and Arcade. The Symponie frame has a rounded edge, the door is recessed from the frame for a more traditional look. The Arcade frame fits flush to the door leaf for a clean, modern look
  • Many available hardware options 
  • Numerous glass options: Clear, frosted, etched, or security. If you are looking for maximum light or to view out, then go for clear. If you want a bit more privacy, then have a look at the etched glass. The security glass is constructed by laminating in wire mesh.
Energy Efficiency:
  • A high thermal insulation is indispensable in times of increasing energy costs 
  • Most Groke doors exceed the highest energy efficiency standards such as Energy Star
  • Some Groke models even exceed the recommendations of Passive House, and should contribute points to LEED certified or other green building standards
  • Insulation: Thicknesses available in: 1.18" (30mm), 2.36" (60mm), or 3.54" (90mm)
  • The Groke door system has three circumferential sealing levels using the highest quality gaskets and the aluminum profiles have complete thermal breaks  
Some doors can be easily forced by kicking, barging, or prying. The Groke door is not one of them. The standard door comes with the following security features: 
  • Anti-drill lock: What a lot people don't realize is that most locks can be easily drilled with nothing more than a cheap cordless drill and bit. It doesn't matter if you have 5, 7, 9 point locking if the lock barrel can be drilled
  • Hinge bolts: A hinge bolt is a steel peg that prevents the door leaf from being lifted off its hinges. On a door without a hinge bolt, a crow bar could be forced between the door leaf and threshold allowing intruders speedy entry into your home
  • 3 point lock: Groke doors come standard with 3 point locking. Various other security packages are available all the way up to 17 point locking. 
Optional security features: 
Automated locking: The door lock is operated by a transmitter as with an automated garage door or automated gates. The automated locking system from Groke will automatically lock itself when the door is closed. No more worrying about whether you locked the door or not.
Biometric Locking:  No more lost keys! With a fingerprint scanning system you will always have your key with you. Giving your children keys may be too much responsibility. The bio metric locking accepts up to 80 finger prints adequate for even the biggest families. 
What happens if I cut my finger? The system accepts up 80 prints, each user can scan more than one finger in case of an injury.

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